Our Gym & Studio

Meet Ebs our lovely fitness instructor

Our Gym

Open Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm
Saturdays & Sundays (from June) 9am - 2pm

Extended Weekday Hours 
4pm to 8pm 
For Members Only

A Message From Ebs

Hi I'm Ebs, and I am the fitness manager for the IBC. My role is to create and coordinate a fun and effective timetable of exercise classes, manage and build our gym community and be your go-to person for health and fitness advice.

I teach many of the exercise classes at the IBC, provide GP Referral personal training and lead all gym inductions for new users to ensure that you have a positive experience tailored to your health needs.

I have 7 years’ experience in the fitness industry, beginning with achieving my personal training qualification at 17 years old, to now currently training in the top 10% of UK fitness professionals at the highest recognised level in the industry.

Our Gym

Is strictly for the over 50’s and all the equipment in the gym is designed to provide maximum accessibility. Our own Fitness Manager, Ebs, will work with you to develop a program specific your needs. The gym can be used for £7 per visit, after induction or with a Gym Membership starting from just £15 per month.

Our Studio

Alongside our gym we have a studio for exercise classes and Ebs runs a great range of classes from chair based, through to stretch, resistance and workout. We also offer Wellbeing classes, such as Qigong, Pilates and Yoga with trained instructors.